On The Road

There are some definite advantages to having an iPhone. We are in the Exployer with the new file pump and relay, Scott is driving, Metallica blasting, sun shining, 70 degrees, and me typing this blog! We are on our way to some fufu camping. All of our meals will be catered and we have a case of beer, 4 1/2 bottles of wine, and a pitcher of Manhattens. Life is good! Pictures when we get back.

2 Responses to “On The Road”

  1. Pete Says:

    Uh, well, when you come out here to camp, it’s not quite the same thing. Wait, come to think of it, except the the catering, it is pretty much the same. I’ve got to train the kids to be personal chefs and then we’ll be set.

    I hope the weather holds (i.e. no earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, etc.) and that you have a good weekend. I have about 2 more days here at work and then I’m done for the summer!

  2. PjS Says:

    I think the iphone advantage only counts if you use it often. How was your camping trip?

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