Slow on the Update

Sorry it has taken a while to post, but when we got back the work stress kicked back in. We have a BSI (Thing European FDA) audit tomorrow. I’ve been short staffed and have had to do all of the prep work on top of my regular work. We had a great time camping, although it reminded me a little of Jeannine’s Memorial DAy picnics……….Cold and rainy. Yes, after we got the tent set up, the clouds moved in. The rain held off until the next morning, and the temperature did not get above 63. Thank god there was a ranch house we all could go to.

The sun did come out and as long as we were in it, we were warm.

We met a lot of really nice guys and have started making plans for our next trip with some of them.

Not much else has happened since then. Scott is still looking for a job. He has gotten some good contacts at Genetech, and a few other places. We are hoping we can stay in the bay area, but San Diego may be the next stop. We’ll keep everybody posted.

3 Responses to “Slow on the Update”

  1. PjS Says:

    I’ll keep the fingers crossed on the job search. San Diego would be a nice place to live too. It is a few more miles away from us though. I vote Boston.

  2. Pete Says:

    From the pics you posted, at least it looks sunny. It’s cooler here today, but it will climb significantly above your reported low temp.

    I hope Scott get an offer (or several) soon.

    I also hope the audit goes well for you. I imagine that can be really stressful.

  3. Josie Schlax Says:

    Got my fingers crossed for Scott. Good to hear from you guys. I was beginning to think that you didn’t need an apartment,, because you were always on the road. Josie

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