Having a Beer in SAN

I’m sitting in the airport in San Diego waiting for my flight home. The meeting went well, and the next meeting will be in Beringen Germany the week of September 8th. Beringen is located about 1 hour north of Zurich Switzerland. I have a lot of vacation time left for the year (3 weeks) and will spend some extra time there. Hopefully I will be able to convince Scott to meet me there! Other than that, notuch has happened since yesterday. On the client down, I started reading “Look me in the eye”. It is written by Augustin Burroughs’ brother about his life with asperger’s. Pretty good so far, and funny like Augustins’ books. I’ll give a final review when I’m done.

2 Responses to “Having a Beer in SAN”

  1. PjS Says:

    You have an open invite to spend vacation time here anytime……

  2. Roger Says:

    Thanks PJ

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