Only in San Francisco

We woke up yesterday not knowing what to do do. It was a very rare day where the temerpature was going to be about 90. San Francisco was going to be in the 80’s all day, which is totally freaky for the city. We ended up doing what we normally do in cases like this and gave our friend Kiki (aka Kristen) a call to see what fun things she had planned for the day. As usual, she had something planned that on our own, we would never go to. She invited us to go with her into the city to see a Dog Fashion show. Of course, we had to take her up on seeing this spectacle. It was being held at a very high end fabric store (Britex Fabrics) in the heart of the high-end boutique stores off the Union Square area. We walked in and were greeted with champagne runway instructions. The store is 4 stories tall and the runway was the staircase. A steady stream of dogs worked the runway with great precision and style. We were begining to feel a little like Tim Gunn (Project Runway). Enjoy the pics. .They were taken with the iPhone and came out a little blurry (sorry).


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  1. PjS Says:

    Before I read the post. I thought you got a dog….

    This is funny and cool. I think that someone would make a mint making souvenir t-shirts for pups across the US. “My owners sent me to the kennel while they visited the Golden Gate Bridge and all they brought me was this poopy shirt. “

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