Lee’s been working on getting the base level all week afterwork. Saturday he rented the Tamper. Here’s some pics of that and then we started laying th blocks yesterday.

New Patio

We are building a patio off of the french door. It will go all the way to the end of the addition and all the way over to just past the bedroom Window. I’d love to tell you the dimensions but that’s Lee’s thing not mine. I’ll find out. Regardless, it’s huge. We are putting down pavers – but not real small ones. Three dfferent sizes that makes a cool pattern. Here are the beginning pictures. Lee has a much better one on his iPad but alas I forgot to email it to myself yesterday and he doesn’t know how to do that yet.

New Sofa’s

Dad commented that he hadn’t seen the sofa’s yet because I hadn’t posted any pictures. Ask and you shall receive. Please note that both Maggie and Reily think we purchased the furniture just for them!

Note: This is a full sized couch. It’ just looks like two love seats put together. Both sides recline.

Ferguson leaves Late Late Night Show

Say it isn’t so! I could care less about Jay Leno or even Dave Letterman but I’m very sad about Craig’s decision to leave the show. We started watching when we got a DVR because it’s just on to late for me to stay up and watch. Even for ME. We love Craig. He makes us laugh. We’ve laughed so hard we couldn’t breath. Now what are we going to do? We like the quirky host. That’ why we like Craig. I guess we will have to start DVRing Conan again. We do like him.

All I can say is I sure hope the new host is NOT Chelsea Handler. She’s a no talent Hag.

For now, we’ll enjoy Craig until her leaves us in December.

Remember Me?

So It’s been a while. Work is super crazy but I think we have actually turned a corner – and for the good for a change. We had a big change happened a little over a week ago and even though it has created a ton of work, it’s actually productive work to fix our problems.

And other than going in to post schedules, I am taking the entire weekend off for a change. And the sun is shinning and it’s in the high 40′s. Life if good!

Really not much going on other than work. We did go see the Veronica Mars movie a week ago. Loved it. It was like visiting old friends. Logan was still dreamy and I liked the ending.

So , to recap, still alive – nothing new. Sorry for being gone so long.

Oh I got a new laptop with a cool touch screen (I hardly ever even touch my iPad anymore) so hopefully I will post more.

Freezing Rain, Nana’s Hot Dogs & The Hobbit

Today both Den and I had the day off so we went to see the next installent of the Hobbit Series at the iPic theatre. What a great movie. Since I’ve never read the books it’s really exciting because I don’t know what is going to happen with the story line. Well obviously I know that certain people are going to be okay and that they defeat the evil because it comes back in the Lord of the Rings series but I don’t know HOW that’s it’s going to happen. Those two hours and 40 minutes flew by. Now we wait another year!

It proceeded to rain today. It was a bit icy when I picked Den up, but it warmed up and was just rain after that. I’m fooled that the temperature won’t drop this evening – just in time for Lee, Den and I to meet Rich for Indian Food!

We stopped at Nana’s for lunch. Those dogs still are very tasty.

All and all a pleasant afternoon!

I’m alive

I know it’s been a long time. The new job has been incredibly time consuming. Long hours, lots of weekends and evenings and I still never get everything done. The training for the new CSR is coming along nicely. What a night and day difference this one is from the last one. It’s nice to have someone who communicates, follows up, can use what they learn going forward and can figure out things on their own! So I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll actually just a pinhole that will allow me to work on things that deperately need to be worked on instead of the day to day stuff.

As the holiday season approaches I am thankful that I have every Friday off for the rest of the year. I am thankful that as of tonight, except for two gift I am completly done Christmas shopping (Thank God for Amazon),I’m thankful that my dad is on the road to recovery and I’m thankful that my cancer faking cat is doing well.

That’s all I have for now! I”m sure it will be a while before I post again! Not because I don’t want to, mostly because I can’t stay awake long enough to do it.

It sucks to have aging pets

So Maggie is not doing so well. When we took her into the vet for her yearly check ups even though her blood work came with no problems, the vet was concerned that she had lost so much weight. Remover this is Maggie who continually self feeds and subsequently has always had a weight problem. They wanted to see her back in three months to recheck her weight.

Well we didn’t even make it to the three month mark. We’ve been struggling since April to keep her eating and after a pretty rough weekend I realized she wasn’t drinking very much. Plus she is so skinny. So we took her to the vet tonight

They did an Xray. Everything looked fine. They did a ultrasound. It showed some spots on her spleen and a mass in her intestines. They did a biopsy and we will know if its cancerous on Thursday.

She’s 20. It was bound to happen but it still sucks. We won’t do surgery or chemo but I will do steroids for her if it comes to it. As long as we can get her to eat and drink and she is not in pain it should be okay for a little while. We switched her to wet canned food which she scarfed down.

Stupid Pets!!

Holy Floodwaters Batman!

First – I hate when I forget Wordless Wednesday. Yesterday was CRAZY and I didn’t get a chance to post. I’ll try to make it for it today.

Rain. Rain and more rain. Yesterday it stormed (I mean STORMED) all day. We had torrential downpours, hail, winds. You name it. Flooding everywhere. I’m sure we’ll survive and gosh knows we needed the moisture but did we need it all in a day and a half? We usually get 3 inches of rain average in April. We got 6-10 inches of rain yesterday depending where you were in the Chicagoland area.

This morning I was in the breakroom toasting my bagel and the news was on. I wasn’t paying that much attention but I heard the announcers say “It’s a good thing they got everyone out of that car before it fully submerges.” So I look at the TV and there is a picture of a car with the front end submerged in what looks like a pond. I ask the guys in the breakroom if it was a pond. They said no, it was the Edens Expressway. Crazyness! Here’s some pics. Enjoy!!
(The last pic is the one of the car submerged on the Edens)

The joys of owning a house

So a week from last Wednesday at 3AM I woke up from a dead sleep because I could smell something burning. It smelled electrical. After looking all over we could find nothing. Lee got up again and checked all the outlets but still nothing. So needless to say it was a long sleepless night for both of us because we layed there thinking “Is it in the wall?” “Is it in the atic?” Are we going to wake up with the house burning around us?” “How can I go to work tomorrow and leave the cat to possible burn up in a fire” You get the picture. When Lee got up to go to work he realized it was really cold in the house. The furnace burner would turn on but the fan wouldn’t. He thought the fan motor had burned up. Once I knew the house wasn’t going to catch on fire I was good with it just being the furnace.

So we called our Heating and AC people and they came in around 10:30. Basically the relay for the fan motor on the main board burnt out. That’s what we smelled. And of course it was the fan that caused it to burn up. It would have cost over $1200 to fix and then we’d still need to get a new furnace in a year or two at best (if that it was already 16 years old). Well I’m not one for putting good money towards bad, so the guy hot wired the fan so it would work continuously. Just a bandaid until we could get a new furnace and we were already going to put central air in this year thanks to Lee’s Bonus from his last job so we would have that done at the same time.

So the owner came out that night and wrote up a proposal and Friday (not last Friday but the week before) at 8:30 in the morning two workers came out and took out the old furnace, fix and added duct work and put in an air conditioner unit. The house is much warmer and It will be super cool to just be able to flip a switch and have air conditioning this year. No more window units!

And since we were on a roll we are going to replace the water heater as well. Michael helped Lee put that in a couple of months after we moved in – so it will be 23 years old this September. It’s due to go any moment. Better safe an sorry.

What’s next? The refrigerator? It’s only 31 years old!!!